Rare City Tickets Collect Tricks, Like – Bastar, Kochi, Gaya, Nainital, Kaziranga Etc.

Rare City Tickets Collect Tricks

Google Pay Rare Tickets

Collect Go India Rare Tickets, Tricks To Collect Rare Tickets, Collect Nainital City Tickets, How To Get Kochi City Tickets, Visit all cities of Go India game, and win up to Rs.501 directly in a bank account. Rare tickets of Go India game are Goa, Kochi, Varanasi, Gaya, Nainital, Bastar, Kaziranga but don’t worry, we get two methods where high chances to collect rare tickets.

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So, Friends follow the below two methods multiple times and higher chances to get rare city tickets & complete your all cities. You all also earn extra cash from Go India special events, Regularly visit our website and we will update about every offer, tricks, loot.

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Go India Game Rare City Ticket Tricks

Highly chances to collect rare tickets from below methods


Method – 1

How To Collect Nainital City Tickets:

1. Open Google Pay App.

2. Participate in the Go India Game.

3. Do a mobile recharge minimum of Rs.10.

4. Maximum users get rare tickets from these tricks.

5. Highly chances to collect rare city tickets from this method.

Method – 2

How To Get Kochi City Tickets:

1. Create any Merchant Account (Like Paytm, Google Pay, Amazon Pay) or Find any Merchant user.

2. Open the merchant QR code in your merchant app.

3. Now scan this QR code and pay from your Google Pay account where you participate in the Go India Game.

4. Minimum transaction amount Rs.30.

5. After successful transaction you will get a city tickets.

6. This tricks best for all user to collect rare tickets.

7. Highly chances to get Goa, Kochi, Gaya etc. city tickets.

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