Rare City Tickets Collect Tricks, Like – Bastar, Kochi, Gaya, Nainital, Kaziranga Etc.

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Rare City Tickets Collect Tricks

Google Pay Rare Tickets

Collect Go India Rare Tickets, Tricks To Collect Rare Tickets, Collect Nainital City Tickets, How To Get Kochi City Tickets, Visit all cities of Go India game, and win up to Rs.501 directly in a bank account. Rare tickets of Go India game are Goa, Kochi, Varanasi, Gaya, Nainital, Bastar, Kaziranga but don’t worry, we get two methods where high chances to collect rare tickets.

Google Pay Go India Offer

So, Friends follow the below two methods multiple times and higher chances to get rare city tickets & complete your all cities. You all also earn extra cash from Go India special events, Regularly visit our website and we will update about every offer, tricks, loot.

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Go India Game Rare City Ticket Tricks

Highly chances to collect rare tickets from below methods


Method – 1

How To Collect Nainital City Tickets:

1. Open Google Pay App.

2. Participate in the Go India Game.

3. Do a mobile recharge minimum of Rs.10.

4. Maximum users get rare tickets from these tricks.

5. Highly chances to collect rare city tickets from this method.

Method – 2

How To Get Kochi City Tickets:

1. Create any Merchant Account (Like Paytm, Google Pay, Amazon Pay) or Find any Merchant user.

2. Open the merchant QR code in your merchant app.

3. Now scan this QR code and pay from your Google Pay account where you participate in the Go India Game.

4. Minimum transaction amount Rs.30.

5. After successful transaction you will get a city tickets.

6. This tricks best for all user to collect rare tickets.

7. Highly chances to get Goa, Kochi, Gaya etc. city tickets.

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  1. Bk

    CommentAny of these 4 ?

    Please share

    Nainital – Goa – Kochi – bastar needed

    I’m looking for the Bastar ticket, do you have it with you? https://gpay.app.goo.gl/iLWQd4.

  2. Naveen

    8949288890 msg me for exchange tickets

  3. Kk

    Send Tickets and earn Kilometers.
    Number of km earned is based on rarity of the ticket. Good luck.

    I’m looking for the Gangtok, Puri, Gaya, Bastar, Kochi ticket, do you have it with you? https://gpay.app.goo.gl/UYRqXV

  4. Shreyance Jain

    Gaya puri bastar kaziranga nainital goa kochi
    Pls gift me
    I’m looking for the Gaya ticket, do you have it with you? https://gpay.app.goo.gl/fNEhCx

  5. Rohit s

    I’m looking for the Gaya ticket, do you have it with you? https://gpay.app.goo.gl/5ac61K

    You will earn 2244km if you share ticket and a rare Kochi ticket also!!

  6. Gagan

    Puri ke badle goa gaya kaziranga bastar de do 9540374619 pe

  7. Suhail Arif

    I’m looking for the Varanasi , Nainital, Amritsar ticket, do you have it with you? https://gpay.app.goo.gl/M8Ds7h
    I can share Dharmshala,twang, chennai, sohra

  8. Sandeep

    Give me goa or bastar or kerela or kaziranga
    I will give jaipur bhopal kolkata agartala sohra
    Jhamshedpur tawan dharmashala chennai surjkand kachh any ur wish

  9. Sandeep

    Give me goa or bastar or kerela or kaziranga
    I will give jaipur bhopal kolkata agartala sohra
    Jhamshedpur tawan dharmashala chennai surjkand kachh any ur wish
    I’m looking for the Goa ticket, do you have it with you? https://gpay.app.goo.gl/nDkHHu

  10. Puja Jha

    I have some of these ticket

  11. Smit

    baster and goa and varansi and naintial and kochi please send me

  12. Xyz

    I am looking for goa,Kochi, Nainital,baster and gaya. Do you have it ? Pls send to me. I can share other tickets if you want.

  13. Susmita Saha

    I need
    Kindly send me if you have
    8910085150 Gpay no

  14. Karthikeya Sadhineni

    Need nanital ticket my number 8309161037 I will give 100 ruppes please 😣 understand

  15. Priyanka Choudhury

    I have Puri n kaziranga ticket but in exchange with bastar nainital Gaya or Kochi

  16. Abhishek Williams

    If someone can send me Gaya I’ll give him Puri

  17. Abdhesh

    I have champhai jaipur kolkata visakhapatnam bhopal srinagar agartala amritsar tawang imphal bengaluru dharamshala new Delhi surajkund sohra chennai kachhh kisi Jo chahiye to request bhej do 9808866956

  18. Abdhesh

    Need gaya goa kochi varanasi nainital puri bastar

  19. Jayanthi Santhosh

    Please give me kochi,nainital,,varanasari,Goa,Gaya tickets for free .If you have send these tickets to my email id

  20. Jayanthi Santhosh

    I don’t have any extra tickets.

  21. Yogendra Singh

    Tum Mujhe Kochi do, Me Tumhe Goa Duga..! ☺️👍

  22. Shantanu

    Hi Guys, I am looking for Bastar ticket, please send if you have one:
    Bastar: https://gpay.app.goo.gl/ntUNzn

    I can share a Nainital , Varanasi or Kaziranga in return.

  23. Svk

    I have nintal, kochi, varanasi, kazhiranga, puri, if any one have gaya send me and get u want any of above.
    Contact. : [email protected]

  24. Amrit

    Give me kochi ticket. I can exchange for nainital. Watsapp at 9051714594 if interested.

  25. Akshay kk

    I have two puri ticket ..if any one want this do massage on 9607689707 for 10 rs each ticket..guys fast

  26. anwesha

    i need kochi ticket…plz anyone help..i have varanasi…can exchange it with anyone……plz…help someone….

  27. Abhishek

    Vini share me your mail id

  28. Akhil

    I’m looking for gaya ticket. Plz give me that

  29. Muthu

    I am having gangtok. Please send me nainital or bastar or gaya or goa ticket

  30. S

    I’m looking for kochi, Kaziranga, gaya, nainital, goa and bastar or if anyone wants varansi or agartala then i can give pls exchange

  31. shekhar walawalkar

    I’m looking for kohima, Kaziranga

  32. Vikas

    Nead Kochi Ticket Only Any on plzz help

  33. Amrit

    Need kochi ticket only. I can give you kaziranga, Varanasi or Nainital. Watsapp 9051714594
    I’m looking for the Kochi ticket, do you have it with you? https://gpay.app.goo.gl/qZFQDh

  34. Chainesh

    Hi Shamtanu Bansal,
    I have bastar and Goa ticket, please give me nainital ticket, if you exchange with me please WhatsApp me on 9428145145

  35. Sushma

    Hi i have goa and other 20 tickets, i need only Kochi ticket can anyone send please

  36. Preeti

    Can anyone share goa and gaya
    What all is needed in exchange plz let me know
    Thanks in advance.

  37. Mohamed

    Yes.. Brruh what you need??

  38. Pankaj

    I need kochi ticket

  39. Pankaj


  40. Rajib Roy

    If anyone have Gaya, Goa or Nainital please message me on whatsApp 9958564518. If you want anything ask me there even i can pay for that.

  41. Kamya Joshi


  42. Kamya Joshi


  43. Sharpcuts

    Pls send me gaya ticket @vini

  44. Sharpcuts

    Pls send me gaya ticket I’ll sended kaziranga @vini


    Give gaya,nainital,kochi,bastar, Gangtok, kaziranga tickets plzzz to 7416071786 gpay number

  46. ROCKY

    Mujhe gaya tikets chahiye please jiske paas ho dijiye 50 rs apke hoge watsapp number pe contact kare 7875887385

  47. ROCKY

    Gaya ki tikets chahiye please jiske paas ho dijiye 50 rs apke hoge I’m looking for the Gaya ticket, do you have it with you? https://gpay.app.goo.gl/d3nye9

  48. Preeti

    Can anyone gift gaya
    I have
    Plz contact [email protected]

  49. Shaik khasim

    Comment naku gaya Kochi nainital agasta ticket🎟 kavali evaru dagara u tell pettandi frfs

  50. Samii Sam

    I need Naintal ticket try hard to get looking for help. Can any one reach out who has Naintal 9959787500


    I need kochi bastar puri gaya nainital if anyone has it plz send me on 7977078353 and in return i will give any ticket you want except above written ticket as i need. I have every ticket in extra qty

  52. Anuj karan

    Anyboby give me kaziranga , nainital, varanasi, gaya, and kochi then I give you 80 rupees kindly send tickets I’m looking for the Kochi ticket, do you have it with you? I’m looking for the Varanasi ticket, do you have it with you? https://gpay.app.goo.gl/6Zw3x3

  53. R

    I have bastar and varanasi.. But need gaya in exchange..
    8806773318 whtsapp..
    Only exchange

  54. amit

    guys need gaya please 9867684968 you can collect my km everyday

  55. Preet

    Can anyone tell how to get gaya ticket😪

  56. Piya

    Hi. I’m piya. Please send me gaya tickets

  57. Ram

    Whatsapp me for kaziranga and other cities in exchange of Nainital and Gaya. Seven double 4 double 8 double 6 double 5 three.

  58. Varada Hemanth

    Please send me gaya nainatal puri Kochi kazirag

  59. S

    I need Bastar ticket ,can exchange for Gaya/kochi

  60. Rakesh meena

    Sir nainatal, Gaya, Kochi tickets send me plzzzz

  61. Rathesh

    I need Bastar, Gaya and Nainital. If you have plz share it in the below link

    I have Kaziranga and Gangtok to exchange. Reply if any one can share/exchange.

  62. Venky

    I need Bastar,Naintal, Gaya
    If anyone have please send me in below number 9703255910
    I have tried lot doing recharges, postpaid bill…

  63. Venky

    I have extra puri and goa tickets, exchange is available, please ping me below

  64. Rishikesh Kumar

    CommentI’m looking for the Bastar, kaziranga and kochi ticket, do you have it with you? https://gpay.app.goo.gl/otxXJL
    Please help 🙏

  65. chauhan mohsin

    please send me
    kochi and baster
    and answer me on mail

  66. Satheees

    i give you kaziranga whatsapp me 8072993668

  67. Anand

    I have all tickets are available
    I need only. Gaya , Bastar, Gangtok .
    Any body exchange tickets please ping me

  68. Arsad Ali

    Please send me Gaya and Bastar…. I will give u the rest other tickets…
    I’m looking for the Gaya ticket, do you have it with you? https://gpay.app.goo.gl/n4Cky2

  69. Ram Bhamidipati

    Hey friends, I am looking for Gaya ticket, can someone help me please? Thanks in advance.
    I’m looking for the Gaya ticket, do you have it with you? https://gpay.app.goo.gl/iKPv5A

  70. Naresh

    I have some tickets but i want only baster ticket then i will complete my 30 cities plz anybody give me i will give u another ticket exchange

    My number 8008575346

  71. Krishnakumarbolla

    I Need kochi ticket #9390195204

  72. astitva

    take any ticket in return of kochi and gangtok

    #8572969187 ping me

  73. Husna Mashud

    Some please give me gaya kochi bastar Kaziranga ticket

  74. Ritik

    Hey i have visited all the cities, i just need kochi rest 29 cities are visited. Can anyone give me kochi ill provide all the rest i have (113), any city you want.

  75. Ritik

    I have extra gaya, kaziranga, goa and many more. I just want KOCHI. whatsapp me at 7531067633

  76. Tej

    Want gaya, gangtok,bastar,kochi.. please send tickets

  77. Sailaja

    Heyy i need gaya! Can you plz give me!

  78. Don't worry

    For any ticket contact 9o3434o435

  79. Khushi khanam

    Mujhe Goa. Gya kajiranga Gangtok tawang Kolkata ka tickets cahiyye please help 9785088109 WhatsApp no.

  80. Amaan

    Want to buy kochi
    Contact on whatsapp

  81. Shash

    Hii, I want Gaya ticket plz help me I can give Kolkata,Gantok,Sohra,Srinagar,New Delhi. whatsapp no9481774835

  82. Abdul jaleel

    Need gaya and Kochi please help this game

  83. Yogesh

    I need Gaya plz give I will give 100 rupees plz


    Plz give gaya ticket

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